April 03, 2017

You must go to this party. Your friend has just gotten engaged and you know she's going to ask you to be her chief bridesmaid. The meeting isn't until 8am, and it only takes 15 minutes max to get ready in the morning, right?

When we are short on time and our social lives are jam packed with events not to be missed, how do we ensure we can be fashionably late while still looking great? Making the 8am meeting after a minimal sleep session - #TeamNoSleep -  and still look fab can be strategically achieved by the clever use of the right lipstick and a quick spritz of dry shampoo.

Red Lips

TIP ONE – The Bold Lip

A natural look doesn't take forever to create. A bold lip will add spark, brighten your face and literally "dress" your lips for the day (or night). When you can't afford to waste time on eye makeup, apply a dab of concealer, sweep on some mascara and use the Alpha lipstick. Trust us, that's really all you need.


TIP TWO – Natural Glow

 Creating a natural looking glow doesn't mean hours spent contouring, blending and buffing. Because we have a real life, and do not live on Instagram, you can apply a strategic sweep of bronzer and highlighter across the cheekbones, annnnnd Voila! A sunkissed, fresh and deceivingly well slept look. Couple that with a nude, subtly sparkly lip by applying The Innovator, and you will be all set.


Tousled Hair

TIP THREE – Big Hair, Don't Care

After a night on the tiles, hair can take a beating. Go with it! Fashion dictates that the smooth, sleek hair trend is slowly being replaced with waves, curls and a more natural feel. You have sleek hair? Get out your straightening irons and instead of smoothing hair out, use it to create edgy waves. Turn your head upside down and spritz with your favorite hairspray. Quick, easy and stylish. Are you already endowed with waves, curls or coils? Great then! Use your favorite Curl enhancing cream or serum, tousle and ruffle that hair for a beautiful mane style.


The Mastermind

 TIP FOUR – It's Not All in the Eyes

When getting ready in a rush, there is the temptation to over apply on the makeup front. Less is more. Well applied, correct color choices are key. That's where The Mastermind comes in. A beautiful, neutral brown tint that will highlight your skin, means eye makeup can be kept as understated as you like. A sweep of gold or bronze across the lid accompanied with a subtle bronzed cheek will compliment this lip color perfectly. 



TIP FIVE – Moisturize

Of course this is a no brainer, but the use of a good quality moisturizer after a late night possibly spent still wearing yesterday's makeup is essential. Lack of sleep and h2o replaced with margaritas can dry skin out, ultimately making it difficult to apply makeup. The use of a pigmented, moisturizing lipstick will keep lips looking soft and luscious. The Power Kit will ensure you have a choice of colors to suit your mood and chosen look!

Look at you, You've done it. Ok, your lipstick application will have to take place during your uber ride, but hey, you made it in time for the meeting. Water in hand, you're ready to take on the day and do it all again tomorrow.

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