Azi's Journey to Strength

March 12, 2017

Azi Vaziri| 35| Sales executive at Google | Montréal (CA) | Persian-Canadian descent

Passion: Art

How do you define beauty? And Confidence?  

Beauty is the inspiration that lies in a moment (whether it's a gorgeous set of eyes or the imperfections of a tree branch). So, witnessing confidence (assertion of one's abilities & knowledge) is quite inspiring and beautiful to me.  

What are the main challenge(s) you had to overcome to get where you are today? Would you do that again?

There have been a ton of challenges... from immigrating at age 12, to having to quickly master 2 new languages, to integrating into a new culture & new schools, to funding my own studies while living in the pricey city of Vancouver...To advising grown men with daughters older than me on how to spend their marketing budgets, to now building partnerships with C-levels in Canada's top fortune 500 companies. And yes, I'd do it all over again! The difficulties in the way have made me who I am.

What are the accomplishments or successes you’ve achieved that you’re particularly proud of?

My greatest sense of pride comes from having done it all on my own 2 feet, through years of eating 25¢ packs of "Mr. Noodles" (which I still like to taste sometimes, just as a reminder). It may sound cliché but it has helped me remain grounded and taught me the value of things. 

If you could look back and talk to your younger self, what advice would you give her?

The one thing I would tell myself is: "Stop second-guessing yourself. You've GOT this!!!" When you are younger, you tend to overthink a lot of things, you tend to worry so much. If you're grounded and resourceful, you generally get back on your feet.

What are the 3 top pieces of advice you would give any Unapology beauty out there to reach whatever goal she sets for herself?

Knowing "why" you want it is more important than "how" you'll get there. If you know the why, nothing else will stop you. 

What is in your opinion, a strength that is uniquely possessed by women

I think talent is an inherent thing, whereas strength is a learned behavior.

With that, it's tough to characterize female vs. male strengths. In my experience, it all depends on what you've trained yourself for.

Who are the women you look up to and why? What characteristics do/did they possess?

For her entrepreneurial spirit, Arianna Huffington comes to mind. There's something about immigrating to a new country that increases one's capacity to understand people & come up with fresher business ideas.

What does Unapology mean to you?

For all the times I said "sorry" out of insecurity, and let myself get in my own way, I wholeheartedly un|apologise. #SorryNotSorry

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